Eating Well Can Stave off Depression (Fish oil)

Learn how I beat Depression

Recent studies have proven that something as easy to change as your diet, the very fuel you put into your body can affect not only your physical, but your mental health too.

The research has noted that what we eat determines our mood, our immune system and our weight. It was noted amongst those studied that by and large in western society we eat unhealthy foods. The advice that comes with the research makes for interesting reading. The scientists advising that if someone you love or you yourself are suffering from depression, then the figuring out of a healthy eating plan along with a trained nutritionist can go a long way to improving the mental well being of the individual.

The research came with a number of tips for those unhealthy eaters.

The first point of advice being; just to eat. Yes not eating is as destructive to our mental well being as is eating badly. When you do not eat you are depriving your body of the nutrients and vitamins that are essential to its upkeep. Not eating will lead to disorders and deficiencies. The disorders it leads to include depression.

At the opposite end of the spectrum when we eat too much we are affecting our mental as well as our physical health. If what we are ingesting is composed mainly of processed or fatty foods then illness can ensue. Illness is a precursor to depression in many ways. It has been noted by some researchers that taking in a subnormal amount of essential fatty acids exacerbate the problem.

These essential fats are contained in flax seeds and fish.

The scientists advise eating cold water fish on a bi-weekly basis. Oils should not be ignored along with dark green leafy vegetables and grains. If you are a heavy drinker then they advise the changing of this habit also, for the betterment of mental health.

Whilst the scientists admit that diet alone may not be enough, it is a definite part of the battle against depression covered. Living a healthier lifestyle is the approach that they advise. It seems absurd, but we may be eating foods that we are allergic to without our knowing, and even these it appears can lead to the onset of illness and with that depression. An allergist can help you out here if you feel that things are just not right.

Learn how I beat Depression

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