Eat up, it is Good For Your Mind, Apparently (Depression signs)

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We are what is in our minds, we think therefore we are, but so too we are what we eat apparently. How can the essence of the people we are, be tied down to two completely diverse things, are we in fact what we put into our minds?

You know these statements of apparent fact and statements of philosophers pale into existence against real truth. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. What is with me today, why am I so hell bent on mixing my metaphors? I’m seeking in my mind today, and therefore in penning this thinking to the page, relating to you what truth is in either of these apparent statements of fact.

Have you ever overeaten and felt like crap? Have you ever under eaten, and had those around you on tender hooks, virtually walking on egg shells in your wake? If so then naturally by eating a normal amount of food we would in fact feel normal. If that was true then why in the slums of Calcutta where half starvation is a luxury for the bulk of the population, do we still hear the songs of women ring out as they go about their chores?

They are happy and content with their lot even with the virtual absence of enough food. Have you ever gone down to the store and looked at the fancy colours on the candy treats, eyed up the ice-cream tubs and taken half a truckload of chips and fizzy drinks along with the confectionary up to the shop counter? Did you feel depression signs eating away at you before you took on a mission to eat away at them? Whilst binge eating is a depression sign, I wouldn’t be one to say that embarking on an excessive food consuming exercise is categorically connected to depression signs, would you?

I place too much emphasis sometimes in my living, my thinking, and obviously in my writing on statements of fact and statements of philosophers long since biting dust in proving points, and backing up my dalliances with anything but original thought.  But if we are what we eat, and we are loading ourselves with high sugar content foods that apparently allow for elevated levels of serotonin, then we would all be happier than the people in nations without such luxuries, wouldn’t we?

As with anything, a person is a product of their environment, and there are a variety of factors around us which determine what and who we are. It is not just down to our genetic code, it is not just about us being what is stuffed down our throats. We are our actions, that is how we force ourselves into the lives of those around us, we are our words in how we relate to people, in how we show our levels of emotional intelligence in organising those around us into our lives in a way that not only suits us, but them too.

If we are what we think, based upon I think therefore I am, what kind of person am I and more importantly what kind of person are you? You reflect upon it and depending upon your personality type you will look on yourself in different ways. Some people thankfully have the strength and presence of mind to determine that they can’t be bad people. I say thankfully coz its thankful for them, but by and large these types of people who are never wrong, and can do not wrong according to their own perception of themselves are invariably not nice people. It is lucky for them though, they will never experience depressions signs.

It is the good people though, who when they reflect on the core of their being find themselves to be bad, find there is some kind of malice in themselves on reflection. The good old sensitive people, who in reality go about their lives doing more good than harm, it is these people who are more susceptible to depression and the suffering it brings.

It is sad, but at least there is a reprieve, however temporary for these decent people in a bucket of Ben and Jerry’s. Food for thought I think, I think ice-cream therefore I am an ice-cream lover.

Learn how I beat Depression

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