Does Your Child Have Depression

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Child depression is a serious condition that requires treatment.  Children can be just as affected by depression as adults, and the consequences can be just as serious.

People mistakenly think that children are immune to depression or that they are just being moody.  It is true that children can experience sadness just as adults, but when that sadness persists then it may be something more.  It may be depression.

What You Should Know

Children can experience real cases of clinical depression.  This means that they cannot just return to their previous level of happiness and functioning on their own.  They require treatment because their condition is as serious as an adult case of clinical depression.

The symptoms may not all appear in the same form that they do in adults, but you will be able to perceive changes in mood and behaviour.  This depression can lead to poor school performance and, depending on the age of the child, may lead to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or even suicide.

What You Can Do

Pay attention to your child.  Changes in behaviour usually mean something.  Take special note of strange behaviours, when they start happening, how often they happen, and how extreme they are.

Take your child to see a mental health professional to find out what is going on.  You may have your suspicions, but a mental health professional should be able to give you an objective viewpoint and, possibly, a diagnosis.

You can also seek out information on your own.  Learn as much as you can from books, web sites, and any other reliable source that you can get your hands on.  Find out as much as you can about possible treatments, especially any treatments that your mental health professional recommends.

Seek Support

Try to find other families and parents who are dealing with the same issues that you are.  Support groups are a great place to find this.  You can share your concerns, what has worked for you, and what has not.

Having people who understand your situation can do a lot to make you feel better and prepare you for the road to recovery.  You can learn what to expect as your child enters treatment.  You can understand that you are not alone.

Childhood depression needs to be taken seriously.  Maybe your child is having a bad day, but persistent sadness may be more.  Keep yourself informed, and you will know what to do if your child faces depression.

Learn how I beat Depression

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