Depression Symptoms Are Many And Varied

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Depression symptoms are many and varied.  They disrupt a person’s life and are often disabling.  The many symptoms of depression can be placed in three separate categories.  These categories are physical symptoms, behavioural symptoms, and emotional symptoms.  All these spheres of life are affected by the disorder.

Physical Symptoms

Physical symptoms include changes in appetite and changes in weight.  Inadequate nutrition can further complicate the basic symptoms of depression because your body needs proper nutrition to function.

A decrease in energy is a well known symptom of depression.  It removes you from life, activity, and purpose.

Sleep disturbances are also common.  Adequate sleep is necessary for good health so this, too, can contribute to the other symptoms.

Behavioural Symptoms

The main behavioural symptom is a loss of interest in usual activities.  Like the loss of energy, this symptom takes away your purpose.  If you do not have an interest in and enjoy life then life is bound to seem meaningless.

A loss of concentration and memory problems specifically affect work performance.  Without a real interest or the ability to concentrate, work productivity can sharply decline.

If you have depression then you may also neglect your responsibilities.  You may not even go to work.  Clearly, this could have repercussions that would further affect your mood state.

Emotional Symptoms

The main emotional symptom is a persistent feeling of sadness or emptiness that lasts for at least two weeks.  Feelings of irritability, aggression, and anxiety may also be present.  These unpleasant and contradictory mood states interfere with general feelings of wellbeing as well as interpersonal relationships.

You may also find yourself crying without reason.  This is an indication of the overwhelming sadness that you feel and how it may not be connected to outside sources.

You may experience any number of other painful feelings.  These could include feeling hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, or just a general emptiness.

It is possible that you will have thoughts about death or suicidal ideation.  In this case, professional help should be sought immediately.

Depression symptoms come in many forms, but they all detract from the quality of a person’s life.  Recognizing that something is wrong is the first step toward getting the proper treatment.  These symptoms are not to be taken lightly or ignored.  They may be disabling, but they are treatable.  By learning what they are and being able to recognize them, you will be able to tell when you or someone you love needs help.

Learn how I beat Depression

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