Depression Psychology Explained

Learn how I beat Depression

Depression psychology is aimed at understanding and treating the often disabling condition known as depression.  The effect of depression on an individual’s life can be profound.  It adversely affects their personal and professional lives while removing pleasure from life as a whole.  This area of psychology is a necessary and important field of study because of the terrible impact that depression can have on a person’s life.

The Big Picture

Depression impacts the lives of people all over the world.  An individual with depression faces persistent painful emotions such as hopelessness, worthlessness, and guilt.  This emotional pain, and the depression that causes it, interferes with the lives of millions of people.

It disrupts not only the lives of those suffering from depression but also the lives of their family and friends.  This condition robs people of the pleasure they once found in life and disrupts every aspect of their lives.  Their work suffers and they are more likely to miss work altogether.  It has such an impact that this phenomenon has a measurable negative impact on the economy.

Why Depression Is Not Properly Diagnosed

The first and most obvious reason why depression is not diagnosed is that the symptoms are not recognized for what they are.  They may be misdiagnosed or may be seen as a natural, although unpleasant, period of life.

Another reason is the stigma that goes along with mental illness and depression in particular.  People do not wish to be viewed as weak, lazy, or crazy so they do not seek help.  The sad thing is that some people view people with depression in this way.

Depression can even be disabling to the point where the individual is unable to seek help.  Unfortunately, when the symptoms are this severe, this is when the individual needs help the most.


A society that looks down upon depression discourages individuals from seeking help.  This only makes matters worse by sweeping a serious and treatable condition under the rug instead of facing it head on.

Depression is a medical condition that is as serious and real as any physical condition.  Its patients should be able to seek help without fear of judgement.  Without this help, the workforce suffers, the individual suffers, and the family and friends of individuals with depression suffer.

Depression psychology is the study and treatment of depression.  It seeks to treat a condition that affects not only the individual but the society as a whole.

Learn how I beat Depression

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