Depression Pictures – Portraits Of Alone

Learn how I beat Depression

Depression is the mental illness that leaves you feeling completely sad and alone, so it goes without saying that those who portray depression with their art have been able to capture those images.

Depression does equal sadness, but there is more to this mental disorder.  The sadness that is experienced is like no other sadness that may be felt while grieving.  This sadness washes over you like a heavy cloud that is forever there with no light that can shine through.  Along with the sadness, one may feel:

•    Anxiety and nervousness
•    Deep fatigue
•    Insomnia
•    Feelings of hopelessness and loneliness
•    Overwhelming feelings of death or suicide

These are all encompassing feelings that do not go away after a few days.  People who suffer from depression have these feelings all day; everyday of their lives.

Depression artwork and pictures can be found in many mediums.  There are those who paint, draw, pen, or photograph their view of depression.  Perhaps these artists suffer with depression or have a loved one that does.  No matter the subject, the images have common threads.  Most images depict:

•    Those who are literally alone in a space
•    The pictures are dark and sad in feeling
•    Many are grasping their legs, huddled in a corner, or curled up in the fetal position; protecting themselves from all that they feel
•    The subject’s head is down and their features are morose.
•    They appear to be in pain,  A pain that comes from within
•    Some are photos or paintings of those who self mutilate to try to relieve the inner pain they feel
•    Even impressionist paintings are able to portray the feelings and signs of depression

Some patients that are seeking psychotherapy to aid them in their treatments are encouraged to express how they are feeling.  Many have trouble putting their feelings to words, but are able to use their art to get their point across.  Even though the pictures can be difficult to look at, it is a good idea to release those feelings of inner sadness because to keep them in will allow the depression to overtake your inner self.

Overcoming depression can be a long road for some.  They want to let the world know of their pain, but are not sure how to make them understand what they are truly feeling.  Creating depression pictures is a positive way to release those feelings and help those understand what they are really going through.

Learn how I beat Depression

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