Depression Effects Your Life And Body

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The effects of depression are far reaching.  No part of life is left untouched when an individual suffers from depression.

You may picture depression and see an individual who sleeps all day long.  You may think they are removed from life, but there is so much more that depression does.  By understanding more of the effects of depression, you will see why depression is even more dangerous than it seems.

Sleep Disturbances

People who are depressed experience changes in sleep patterns.  Many people take for granted that their sleep patterns are somewhat regular, and they do not understand just how important sleep is.

Many depressed individuals do not get enough sleep.  This leads to feeling tired and not having any energy.  In extreme cases, this fatigue can be disabling.

Some individuals have insomnia that prevents them from getting much sleep at all.  This can cause difficulty focusing and concentrating which makes it impossible to function effectively in other areas of life.  In time, lack of sleep can also lead to serious health problems.

Immune System Effects

Depression weakens the immune system due to all the stress that is placed on an individual during depression.  There is the stress of persistent painful feelings of sadness and worthlessness.  There is the stress of attempting to hold down a job while in this disabled state, if that is even possible.  There is stress in relationships suffering because of the individual’s inability to fully participate in these relationships or in life.

All this stress undermines your body’s natural defences.  Vaccinations lose some of their effectiveness when used on people with depression so this, too, leaves them more exposed to potential illness.  In the depressed mental state, individuals are less likely to seek help for any health problems that do develop.

Alcohol And Drug Use

Some people with depression turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to self-medicate and numb their feelings.  This creates a dependency and further complicates the problem of depression while developing a new problem surrounding the drug and alcohol use.  This can cause the individual’s life to deteriorate further as this usage makes it harder to maintain relationships or to even get help.

Depression effects are not limited to the individual being tired and sad.  They are pervasive, devastating, and can be different for every sufferer.  Knowing the effects of depression gives you a more complete picture of the damage that depression does to a person’s life and why it is so important that people with depression get the help they need.

Learn how I beat Depression

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