Coping with Anxiety

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Developing methods in coping with anxiety is a wonderful approach to changing how you respond to your environment. The first step is to recognise the anxiousness for what is really is. Once you have an empowering understanding of the emotional state, you are better able to create a plan of action.

Defining Anxiety

There is no specific definition of anxiety since the condition is one that arises out of fear and worry. The emotion appears because of other emotional elements that build up in the psyche. Following are some conditions that create anxiousness:

•    Worry
•    Nervousness
•    Fear
•    Frustration
•    Desire
•    Apprehension
•    Stress

These unpleasant elements gather in a way that creates the anxiousness that you feel. Coping with anxiety begins with taking measures to reduce some of these elements in your life.

Techniques for Coping with Anxiety

There are specific techniques that you can use to cope with anxiety. Some of the approaches are quite simple whilst others are a little more complex. Consider the major sources of stress and worry in your life as a starting point.


Laughter is considered by some to be medicine for good reason. Taking a few moments each day to enjoy a little light-hearted humour is a wonderful approach to dealing with anxiousness and stress. With practice, you can begin to develop a sense of humour about some of the issues that are stressful.


Planning is a viable approach to coping with anxiety. Stress can arise when you are not prepared for a situation or an event. Forethought can be used to deal with worry as well. For example, if you worry about finances, you can opt to develop a budget.


Relaxation is perhaps the most important aspect of coping with anxiety. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most challenging ones as well. Relaxation techniques require practice and some people may benefit from using resources that teach specific visualization and relaxing strategies.

Professional Guidance

Counselling is of the utmost importance if your anxiousness is beyond control. A clinician can offer insight into your anxiety condition in order to help you develop approaches to cope with anxiety on a regular basis.

Coping with anxiety is not a simple task. However, with proper planning and guidance you can find the relief that you need. With practice, you will be able to deal with anxiousness without effort.

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