Common Symptoms Of Depression

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There are many symptoms that go along with depression.  Depression can manifest in different ways in different people so each case is not exactly like the next.  The key is to recognize the general symptoms of depression so that professional help can be sought.  No matter how it looks, depression is a disabling condition that merits professional assistance.

Emotional Symptoms

A person with depression will have persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, hopelessness, and maybe helplessness.  These feelings will overshadow and obscure other, more positive emotions.

A depressed person loses interest in activities that once held interest and brought joy.  Life ceases to be a pleasurable endeavour and becomes a shell of its former self.  The person follows suit.

A depressed person may have difficulty concentrating and making decisions in addition to problems with memory.  These symptoms specifically can interfere with productivity and performance in a work setting.

Irritability and anxiety related symptoms also present themselves to the individual’s detriment.  They can interfere with personal state of mind and relationships with others.

Thinking about death and suicidal ideation is yet another emotional depression symptom.  This is a clear warning sign and merits immediate medical attention, especially if the individual makes a clear statement of intent or has made plans.

Physical Symptoms

Physical pain or problems can be caused by depression, and pre-existing pains or problems can be worsened by the depressed state.

Headaches are one symptom that occurs regularly with depression.  A pre-existing condition of headaches or migraines may be worsened by depression.

Back pain, muscles pain, and joint pain are all affected in the same way.  They can be created or worsened by depression.  Any form of chronic pain or discomfort can be adversely affected by depression.

A loss of energy is a trademark of depression.  It may be difficult to get out of bed in the morning.

Sleep disturbances are common.  This may manifest as too much or too little sleep although it usual leans toward the lack of sleep end of the spectrum.  The tiredness that ensues can make other depression symptoms worse.

Changes in eating patterns or weight are not unusual.  Insufficient nutritional intake prevents anyone from functioning properly and can be even more problematic for depressed individuals.

The symptoms associated with depression seem endless, but they are good to know.  The number of symptoms that present, their persistence, and just the feeling that something is not right can lead an individual to seek professional help for what may be the serious condition known as depression.

Learn how I beat Depression

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