Childhood Depression Is A Very Real Phenomenon

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Childhood depression may seem like an odd concept.  People like to think of depression as a more adult condition.  They think of it as a result of life circumstances or existential questioning.  Childhood seems like it should be insulated against a psychological condition such as this.

Separating genuine depression from the normal difficult periods associated with childhood may be difficult sometimes, but it is necessary.  Like the adult version, depression in children should be taken very seriously.

Children Feel it Too

Child depression is a very real phenomenon.  Sometimes children are not given credit for having many of the same capacities and vulnerabilities as adults.  Perhaps it is believed that their limited understanding of the world protects them from feeling depressed.  After all, what do children have to be depressed about?

While this question can be answered in many cases, other times it almost seems as though depression is not warranted.  Still, it happens.  Children are vulnerable to changes in brain chemistry just like adults and just like adults there can be many causes.


There are many symptoms that could possibly indicate the presence of depression in children.  The main point to remember is that you have an intimate knowledge of your child and what is or what is not normal behaviour for him or her.

As with any health problems, if you think something might be wrong then you want to get that checked out by a professional.

A few possible warning signs include a loss of interest in daily activities, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of sadness, a decreased energy level, and signs of hostility.  The most important thing is to pay attention when you feel something is not right with your child.  You know your child, and you will know when something is wrong.


When you get your child evaluated by a medical professional you will want to know the diagnosis.  When you know and understand the diagnosis you can then learn about the treatment options.

It is necessary to find the right child mental health professional.  You will know when you have found one who gives the matter the attention it deserves and thoroughly answers all of your questions while addressing your concerns.  You can always get a second opinion if you do not feel you are getting the whole story.

Childhood depression is a very real and very serious condition.  By realizing that it exists, knowing the symptoms, and seeking out a diagnosis if you suspect that this is the case, you can protect and possibly save your child from this serious disorder.

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