Burning the Ear off Someone Ignites Change (Help with depression)

Learn how I beat Depression

Reaching out and holding out for a miracle that will never come, crying yourself to sleep, and into dreams that will torment. Cut the bullshit, depression is not so obvious, sufferers are not a cliché, the way it is my friend is often a damn site different from this. Tough guys and tough women sometimes feel they are too tough to need help with depression, in spite of the fact that they know very well they need it badly.

Would it really hurt your pride to lift up the phone? Would it be such a bad thing and would your friends think so little of you were you to tell them how you feel? The impression we hold onto in our minds, that tells us exactly how things are going to transgress, that is a load of crap in particular if you are suffering from and in need of help with depression. In that circumstance every thought you imagine is tainted with negativity. You can only imagine the worst case scenarios as a result and avoid making that call, avoid reaching out for the help you need. No one can really give you help with depression if you are not looking for it, they can’t help you if you don’t want help.

So if you do want it, where do you think is the best place to go? Think about it every direction has its merits, think over it, lets concentrate on the merits. There is no space in your diseased mind for any more negativity. Do I sound harsh? Well it is down to there being little choice, tough choices and tough love for all you tough guys and girls out there.

Seeking out help should not be punishing and it will not be punishing, talking over issues is the only way to really deal with them effectively. Ever see the way a film will portray a psychiatrist? How they earn their keep sitting back and letting the other person speak their mind? The films show them sitting back not saying very much at all whilst the person on the couch talks away practically to themselves. Practically to themselves, but no, not to themselves, even when there is little interaction the very fact that you are laying down those heavy words, admitting there is a problem and speaking to another human being, that is the key.

Talking things through, getting them out there is in itself a relief, not a temporary one but a lasting one that lifts the stress and the strain of being the only one who has to deal. It doesn’t matter what comes back, it doesn’t even matter what reaction you see in the eyes of the person you tell. The fact is that you have said it, that you have put it out there. Sometimes it is best to speak with a stranger that is why the groups who run telephone help lines are such an asset to society. Your struggle does not automatically become their struggle, the fact that a problem shared is a problem halved does not mean that half of the depression is now with the other person.

Depending on the person you tell there will be consequences, each positive in different ways. The person you chose will offer you advice, they may see a way to get ahead for you that you in your negativity cannot see because the doors are all closed, and you can’t think straight and be at your optimum when you are depressed. They may say nothing and act as though they don’t really care, but even if this occurs you will have still gained.

There is no loss in wasting words, in particular if those words lay it out to the world, letting out the bad and preparing yourself to let the good times in, and let the good times roll again.

Learn how I beat Depression

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