Bipolar Personality Complications

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There are significant complications in bipolar personality because the individual experiences a range of emotions. There are certain characteristics and personality traits that may be common amongst individuals who suffer from manic depression. However, complexities in pinpointing specific personalities in the bipolar population are quite difficult.

Manic Depression and Personality

It stands to reason that an individual who has bipolar disorder would have significant changes in personality as well. The shift in personality is due to the underlying emotional state and thought processes that the individual has during various stages of the disorder.

Those experiencing a bout of depression appear to be despondent and uninvolved. Some are quite irritable and sluggish, unwilling to participate in various activities or engage in social interaction. The person’s personality is sombre and isolated in many cases. Depressive states have a significant impact on the individual’s outlook and moods, which causes a shift in personality as well.

Manic states yield very different results as the individual’s personality explodes. The person is over-confident and irrational, acting on impulse rather than thinking things through. Unlike the depressed bipolar, the manic individual is quite outgoing and energetic.

Psychosis and Personality

A bipolar person’s affect can suddenly change from very confident and outgoing to introverted and despondent. Some shifts are very problematic in the bipolar personality because severe cases can lead to psychosis. This creates a very troublesome change in personality that involves paranoid feelings and fear.

The person’s behaviour becomes more and more erratic as the psychosis develops. The individual is unable to distinguish fantasy from reality and this can lead to delusional thinking. The individual’s personality shifts according to the misguided core beliefs developed by the psychotic episodes.

The individual does not act appropriately because reality is beyond his grasp. The person may become paranoid, believing that others are plotting against him. Bipolar individuals who experience psychosis may become outrageous in their behaviours or they may recoil in isolation.

Bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder

The subject is further complicated with the consideration of borderline personality disorder. Individuals with borderline personalities may receive a diagnosis of manic depression because they exhibit some of the same behaviours as bipolar individuals who are in a manic state including delusions of grandeur and erratic behaviours.

Bipolar personality traits vary from one individual to the next. It can be very difficult to sort things out unless proper treatment for manic depression is used to help the individual find the necessary balance to allow his real personality to show through.

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