Bipolar in Children

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Some families and professionals have difficulty recognising bipolar in children. There are many reasons for this particular problem. Properly diagnosis the mood disorder is a very important aspect of developing the proper interventions to ensure that the condition does not worsen.

Identifying Bipolar in Children

Identifying bipolar disorder in children is difficult because this mood disorder is not commonly associated with childhood. Professionals may avoid making a diagnosis when a child is quite young. However, children as young as six years of age have been diagnosed with this condition.

The prevalence of manic depression in children is difficult to pinpoint because many may not be diagnosed until they are adults. Some may receive a diagnosis during adolescents. The symptoms of the disorder and troublesome because they may mimic other conditions closely associated with childhood.

Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder has symptoms that are quite similar to the manic and depressed stages of bipolar disorder. Children who have manic depression might be misdiagnosed with ADHD because this condition is associated with childhood more readily than bipolar disorder is. Following are some similarities between the two conditions.

Mania and ADHD

Manic episodes manifest in a number if troublesome behaviours that are similar to hyperactivity in ADHD. The behaviours include:

? Inability to focus
? Fleeting thoughts
? Changing focus from one topic to another
? Rapid speech patterns
? Rapid thought patterns
? Inability to sit still
? Fidgeting
? Impatience and impulsiveness
? Inappropriate behaviours
? Interrupting
? Acting on impulse

Quite a few similarities make proper diagnosis of bipolar in children very difficult. In addition, children who are experiencing depressed states of manic depression may exhibit some of the signs of attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

Depression and ADHD

Depression can lead to considerable irritability and aggression in some individuals. The child may be unable to stay on task and he may be easily distracted. Concentration is very difficult when in a depressed state and some may see the deficit in attention paired with aggression and irritability as ADHD.

Bipolar disorder is a complex subject that is further complicated when it appears in children. Proper diagnosis and treatment is an essential component of successfully managing the mood disorder. The first step is to recognize the symptoms of manic depression without subjectively attributing the behaviours to attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder.

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