Bipolar Condition – part 2

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Having a bipolar condition is quite difficult for individuals suffering from this mood disorder. Proper treatment is required to help ease the symptoms of manic depression and the more that the individual knows about the problem, the better the treatment can work. Following is some helpful information about bipolar disorder.

Symptoms of Manic Depression

The patient experiences troublesome symptoms including severe mood shifts. Some people experience significant bouts of depression followed by erratic euphoric states. The mood swings are strong enough to interfere with the individual’s ability to work and carry on daily routines properly. The mania and depression can be quite severe, making everyday activities very difficult.

Rapid Cycling

Some individuals who have a bipolar condition experience rapid cycling. This involves at least four cycles in twelve months. The person can experience more than four in this relatively short period. The significant changes in mood are quite dramatic and rapid cycling can be helpful in identifying the mood disorder.

Depressive and Manic Cycles

The rapid cycling involves fluctuations between excited and happy moods to deeply depressed stages. The dramatic differences between the two extremes in rapid cycling make the condition easily recognised by some. However, not everyone with a bipolar condition experiences shifts in moods so quickly.

Depressive states and manic episodes may happen fewer than four times each year, making identifying the bipolar disorder more difficult. The individual may receive treatment for depression because the depressive state is so very difficult. The fundamental problem is depression requires different treatment than manic depression does.

Manic states may go unrecognised because the individual can feel very good during these stages. The patient is energetic, requires little sleep and may experience great bouts of creativity during the manic phase. Many fail to recognise that the mania is an indicator of manic depression unless the extreme mood causes problems.

Mania Problems

Significant problems with manic stages include excessive purchases. Individuals with a bipolar condition may spend a lot of money on unnecessary items without regard for the consequences. This type of behaviour can be quite expensive and it can lead to stressors in the home environment.

Impulsivity is problematic at home in the workplace for some individuals. Mania can lead to irrational decisions and lack of judgment, which can lead to serious problems at work and in close relationships. The behaviours are so quick and erratic that they appear without warning.

Suffering from a bipolar condition is very difficult, especially when the symptoms go unnoticed or untreated. This mood disorder is treatable and many patients find relief with the right interventions.

Learn how I beat Depression

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