Bipolar Anxiety – A Symptom or Separate Anxiety Condition

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Manic-depressive illness, also known as bipolar disorder, causes severe changes to people’s energy levels, moods and even daily functioning abilities.

It can negatively affect people’s emotional well-being, appetite, sleep habits, judgement and power to think clearly.  With bipolar disorder, the mood swings people suffer from range anywhere from moderate to drastic.  Millions of people suffer from bipolar disorder, which could be anywhere from one to two percent of the population.  When it comes to bipolar anxiety, the anxiety could be a bipolar disorder symptom or it is possible to be a completely separate anxiety condition along with the bipolar disorder.

When a patient’s anxiety is a completely separate condition, the person will have both symptoms of anxiety along with symptoms of bipolar disorder.  As a separate condition, some of the many forms include:

* Panic Disorder – A separate condition that approximately twenty percent of people with bipolar disorder have, the symptoms of panic disorder often include, sweating, nausea, trembling, fear of dying, chest pain, and an overwhelming feeling of terror.

* Generalized Anxiety Disorder – One of the condition characteristics patients suffering from bipolar disorder have, along with generalized anxiety disorder are completely unrealistic fears and worrying.  Usually lasting longer than six months, some patients consider suicide because the bipolar disorder, along with the anxiety disorder, is so overwhelming.

* Social  Phobia Disorder- When patients with a social phobia also suffer from bipolar anxiety, their intense fear of people, crowds and large groups of people make them feel irritated, agitated or like hiding from society.

When anxiety is actually a symptom of bipolar disorder and not a separate condition, many patients feel extremely nervous, restless, agitated and deeply, emotionally troubled.  Some people often have racing thoughts; trouble sitting still, so will walk or pace almost as though they are looking for something; problems concentrating; or extremely disorganized thinking.

Patients may have extremely fast thoughts and feel as if something inside their head or body will explode.  In severe cases, instead of racing thoughts, patients are unable to concentrate so are incapable of carrying through with anything.  This makes it impossible for them to function causing the anxiety to worsen.

The good news for patients with bipolar anxiety is there are several types of treatments available that work well, such as various medications and cognitive behaviour therapy, so they should never give up hope.

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