Big Stars Suffer Mental Illness Too

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Zoro star Catharine Zeta Jones (41) has been hospitalised and treated for bipolar disorder II. She spent five days this month in the Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut.

Bipolar Disorder II is a condition where the sufferer experiences bouts of hypomania, along with depression.

It is not the severest form of Bipolar Disorder however, and severe mania that is inherent in Bipolar Disorder I is absent.

Not Detrimental

Whilst hypomania is known as being less severe than mania there are similarities between the two, there is an elevated mood, sleep deficiency, racing thoughts, delusions of grandeur, and raised activity. None of these representations of mania style happenings however are as detrimental as to make a working and even a social life impossible.

In effect none of these symptoms are disabling enough to impair a person’s life as manic episodes are capable of doing, i.e. there are mood swings, but they are less severe in nature than those experienced by sufferers of Bipolar Disorder I.

Stressful Year

A spokesperson for Catharine, blamed a busy year and stress for the Hollywood Actress‘hospitalisation. It was her decision to check into the hospital in order to receive treatment.

The spokesperson went so far as to say that the starlet is feeling great, and is ready, and able to continue work on two upcoming blockbusters. It is being billed that the stress Catharine is experiencing is due to the illness being suffered by her husband; Wall Street Actor Michael Douglas. His ill health may have led to the hospitalisation.

He is currently in receipt of treatment for throat cancer, but in January he announced that he is managing to beat the cancer.

Tip Top / Traumatic Event

Hollywood sources have stated that Catharine was just seeking to make certain she was in tip top condition, before commencing her latest movie projects.

She has now checked out of the hospital, but experts say that a traumatic event is often a trigger to the episodes inherent in Bipolar Disorder II.

Other Celeb Bi Polar Sufferers

Catharine Zeta Jones is not alone in her suffering from the disorder. There are a host of well known names that suffer, or have suffered from the mental malaise.

Names like Patty Duke and Stephen Fry; names like Richard Dreyfuss and Maurice Benard, all of these persons have been diagnosed with either Bipolar Disorder I or II.

So too Linda Hamilton, Carrie Fisher, Mel Gibson and Russell Brand, all have experienced issues with the condition.

Tough Guy

Tough guys can get it too, with Jean Claude Van Damme battling the mental condition also.

In his case he took to beating the depression he suffered in childhood and indeed the bipolar disorder with a mix of ballet and karate. He found that in his youth if he avoided training for even a short period of time then the result was unhappiness within himself.

His condition may also have played a part in his experimentation with cocaine in the early 90’s, after seeking out rehab for this in 1996 he left after just a week, the condition worsened, he became suicidal, until a late 1996 turning point.

It was only then that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (rapid cycling.) For his condition he was given ‘that simple salt’ which is actually sodium valproate. He found that the simple salt actually did the complex job of settling him very well. He refers to it as, ‘all the water moving left and right of me, all of the commotion, became like a lake.’ From then on in it was easy for him to beat his cocaine addiction.

Learn how I beat Depression

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