Beating Depression, What Are My Options ?

Learn how I beat Depression

Beating depression is a matter of first dealing with the symptoms and then dealing with the issues that are causing them.  Once you have been evaluated and diagnosed by your doctor, you can begin.  Taking advantage of the resources that are at your disposal will make overcoming depression a sure thing.


Antidepressants can help to manage and alleviate the symptoms of your depression so that you can feel better and function more effectively in the here and now.  They also make it easier to focus on treatment in the form of psychotherapy.

Antidepressants may take up to several weeks to have their full effect.  There may be an adjustment period where you experience side effects as well.  If the side effects become bothersome or severe then you should talk them over with your doctor.  If the side effects are too great or if the medication still is not doing its job even after you have been taking it for several weeks then you made need to try a different antidepressant.

Even if you are feeling better, you need to keep taking your medication as prescribed.  The medication is helping you to feel better so you want to continue taking it.  If you feel that you wish to stop then talk it over with your doctor.  This way you can both decide if going off of your medication is the best decision.  If it is then your doctor will be able to instruct you how to do it gradually.  By lowering your dosage in stages, you will make the process of ceasing your medicinal treatment as easy on you as possible.


You will want to get counselling, too.  This talk therapy will allow you to seek out the underlying psychological causes of and contributors to your depression.  There are a few things to keep in mind.

Be honest with your therapist.  You are there to get to the root of your problems so be completely honest with your therapist.  Your therapist cannot help unless he or she knows the truth; the whole truth.

Be open to trying new things.  Your therapist may have suggestions for exercises that may make you uncomfortable.  You need to trust your therapist, or get one you can trust.  The healing process depends on the therapeutic relationship.  If you want to learn and grow then you will have to go beyond what you know.

Overcoming depression means managing symptoms then removing what is causing them.  This is the path to recovery.

Learn how I beat Depression

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