As Easy as Jumping Out of a Plane(Anxiety Depression)

Learn how I beat Depression

When searching for a good base, a strong foundation I always found in beneficial to meditate. Now I’ll leave the existentialism to the experts and the hippies, but there is an ‘everyman’ way to this. The people who I have spoken to who are the very ‘experts’ I tell of have a similar way in how they go about removing anxiety depression from their lives.

It is about lifestyle, if we cannot zone out for just a little while from time to time to get in touch with our base, hear the birds singing for want of a better expression, then what is the point of anything?
All so caught up in our worries, our deadlines or lack of them, that we fail (and I’m guilty too of this) to really just take a step back to enjoy. This being in the moment malarkey actually works, Buddha would have been proud. Some people get their, ‘being in the moment fix’ from such pursuits as jumping out of aeroplanes, where the mind has no space for thought. Here in the sky it just has to deal with the dilemma on a second by second basis that it is plummeting to the ground. Now if you are a little too sensible for all of that, but a little too old-school to consider letting meditation into your life then why not put another name on it, like ‘me time,’ or if even that is too 21st century for you then how about ‘passividity?’

It is about letting everything else just literally pass you by. You can close your eyes if you like to remove one of your senses from its efforts, and allow the others to do their thing. Try and find a quiet place, or one that is tranquil. I find beside a river to be perfect, natures sound is where we find our connection to it, in seeing it we are too often disturbed by man’s impact upon it. Even if the water is brimming with old shopping trolleys, with your eyes closed you can still hear that babbling brook working its magic, soothing you with its repetition, and forgoing in you any anxiety depression.

As the water goes on its journey passed, so too will the anxiety depression. There is no room for anxiety in a realm of your mind that is content with sheer nothingness. For nothingness is neither positive nor negative, it just is. So just be and relax a little while.

Panic attacks can hit you hard when you least expect them, here however away from it all if you do find one starting the waters will sooth. If it hits try quickly to get to a space like this where you will feel comfortable. You will find that if your surroundings are at an optimum as opposed to the anxiety you will feel when talking yourself down, the fear moves along with nature, away from you with the wind that blows.

If you are brave enough you can use your meditation or ‘passividity’ in any environment. Even in the workplace, sitting on the toilet, on a jam packed tram on the way to your jam packed life. It is a very useful way to consume time that would otherwise be empty, but for the thoughts and worries you have. It is one thing to think out a problem with your mind working its magic, but so often our problems can be dealt with by our subconscious minds. If we leave our struggles there to be ticked over, we will often find that when we come back to collect the problem at a future time, our mind has already worked out the solution.

Lest anxiety depression come about as a result of our keenness to deal with problems instantly, we need to learn to ‘cruise’ it is like an autopilot where the body and its doings cannot err more than a little off its end trajectory. What we know and what we have learned in the past will see us autopilot our way through life, but you have to let go first. Just like jumping out of a plane, you need to give yourself that little shove in the right direction to get on the right flight path.

Learn how I beat Depression

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