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Many people may not recognize that there is such a thing as an anxiety diagnosis. However, there are a number of anxiety disorders that require diagnoses and proper treatment. In order to ensure that you receive the treatment that you require, it is important to recognize the various causes of anxiety disorders.

Causes of Anxiety

Anxiousness has many different sources. Anxiety is a perfectly natural emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. However, some people are unable to resolve the emotional stress and conflict that can arise out of the excessive presence of anxious feelings. This results in deeper feelings of stress and anxiety.

Life experiences can lead to excessive feelings of stress. The causes can have some connection to the individual’s personality. Those who try to complete tasks without asking for necessary assistance may feel more anxious than other people do. The tendency to resist asking for help can be problematic.

When people experience life-changing events like a divorce, death or job loss, they naturally feel stress. However, when they fail to seek help from those around them to guide them through the events, they may develop excessive feelings of stress leading to significant anxiety.

Physical Causes

In some cases, the individual with an anxiety diagnosis experiences the disorder because of a physical problem. Some of the physical causes of anxiety are quite simple and can be treated with relative ease. Following are possible physical causes:

? Excessive caffeine
? Poor diet
? Sedentary lifestyle
? Sleeplessness
? Allergic reactions to food
? Low blood sugar
? Low levels of magnesium

It is important to seek advice from a physician to determine whether there is a physical cause for the anxiety. Treating the physical causes automatically relieves the stress and anxiousness that is interfering with your life.

Individuals may also experience anxiety when they are going through withdrawal. Many people who quit drinking alcohol, stop smoking, or cease taking certain medications commonly experience excessive stress and anxiousness.

The symptoms of anxiety typically wane as the person overcomes the withdrawal symptoms. Ironically, many people turn to these substances in order to overcome anxious feelings. The drugs, tobacco and alcohol seem to help alleviate anxiety but they actually make the condition worse.

It is helpful to address possible physical causes for the anxiety in a comprehensive effort to overcome the anxiousness. An anxiety diagnosis is treatable with the proper recognition of the possible causes.

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