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Many people suffer from anxiety.  Depression is another mental illness that is common.  Anxiety and depression can often affect a person at the same time.  It is common for someone suffering from one to start suffering from the other.  The link between anxiety and depression should be identified so a person can be better treated.

The Link Between Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress, but for people who suffer from anxiety disorders, anxiety is not natural.  Anxiety disorders cause a person to feel anxious all the time without any reason.  This can often interfere with daily life.  The feelings of anxiety and anxiety attacks can often make a person slip into a depression.

Depression is a severe case of feeling down.  There is nothing that a person can do to get out of this severe case.  Depression, like anxiety can interfere with daily life.

A person suffering from anxiety and depression may feel as if they are not in control of their own life.  It can lead to serious thoughts of suicide or harming themselves and others.

While both conditions are common, severe cases that are labeled as a chronic mental illness can cause major problems in a person’s life.  When anxiety or depression can not be shaken a person should seek medical treatment.

Anxiety and Depression reatment

Treatment for anxiety and depression in the same patient involve treating both conditions and helping the person learn to manage both conditions.  In some cases one disease is labeled the primary disease and the other is a secondary disease.  In this case the primary disease would be treated first as the secondary has been ruled to be more of a side effect of the primary.

Many times anxiety and depression are treated the same.  Therapy works as a treatment for both.  Some medications may be able to treat both, but care must be taken to ensure that medications are given that will not trigger the other disease.  Some medications, for example, have a side effect of causing depression or anxiety.

Other Options

Other options for a person suffering from anxiety and depression is to find some type of support.  A support group will allow you to interact with others who have the same conditions.  You can learn a lot about how to live with anxiety and depression.  You may also even learn new ways to treat your condition.

Another thing to do is to practice relaxation techniques.  Learning to relax naturally can help ease the anxiety and allow for better treatment of the depression or if the depression is secondary, may be allow for elimination of the depression all together or visa versa.

It is important to do something about anxiety and depression, especially when they come together.  Not getting help is one of the worst things to do because things will likely just get worse over time.

Learn how I beat Depression

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