Anxiety and Depression

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Anxiety and depression often occur simultaneously. Many individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders may develop symptoms of depression. People who have depression may develop anxiety as well. It is important to recognize the signs of each condition to ensure proper treatment.

Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression are quite familiar to many people. The telltale signs include unyielding feelings of hopelessness and despair. The individual finds no joy in things that formerly had great appeal. Fatigue, body aches and sadness are strong indicators that there is a depressive condition present.

Irritability is a problem for some people who fall into depressed states. Feelings of rage and aggravation interfere with the individual’s ability to interact with others properly. Many people do not recognize irritability as a sign of depression but can be an indicator.

Sleep disturbances may also be present in cases of depression. The individual may sleep excessively or may suffer from insomnia. Changes in appetite may lead to significant weight gain or loss in some people.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety is a complex issue that can take a number of different forms. Severe anxiety disorders are very problematic. However, lower levels of anxiety can be very troublesome as well.

Symptoms of anxiety are numerous and they affect the body, mind and emotional state. One of the symptoms of anxiety is depressed states, irritability and mood swings. There are hundreds of symptoms in this realm to consider. Emotional elements are of particular interest when associating anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety often occurs when depression is present. The anxiousness the depressed individual experiences typically surpasses the daily stresses people commonly feel every day. The anxiousness is overwhelming and it develops into excessive fear and worry.

People who have anxiety and depression combined may experience some of the following symptoms:

? Panic
? Sleeplessness
? Excessive sweating
? Cold hands
? Obsessive thinking patterns
? Heart palpitations
? Hopelessness
? Despair
? Irritability
? Inattention

It is very likely that a depressed individual experiences excessive anxiety that stems from the depression. A person who has an anxiety disorder is quite likely to feel depressed as well. It is difficult to find individuals who have one condition without some form of the other.

Depression can make anxiety worse and anxiousness can make the individual feel depressed. This vicious cycle has significant ramification if it goes untreated. It is important to seek advice about both conditions if you are suffering from either one.

Learn how I beat Depression

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