Am I Mental ? Depression Can Effect Everyone !

Learn how I beat Depression

All people get sad sometimes.  It is a natural, healthy emotion in response to certain circumstances.  Sometimes it goes further.  Sometimes it turns into a long lasting, pervasive sadness known as mental depression.

There are specific differences between the natural mood state of sadness and that of full blown depression.  There are different kinds of depression, too.

Situational Depression

Situational depression is just as it sounds.  It is depression in response to a situation, usually an intense, traumatic one.  It has a clear cause and usually a similarly clear onset.

In most cases, it is resolved in an amount of time that is appropriate depending on the stimulus that triggered it in the first place.  This is different from clinical depression.

The Difference Of Clinical Depression

The main difference of clinical depression is the seriousness of its nature.  Clinical depression interferes with an individual’s daily life.  It interferes with sleep and concentration while the individual struggles with feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness.  It is an enduring condition that is much more than feeling down.

It is often the case that the individual is unable to overcome or even find relief from the symptoms of their depression without professional intervention.  An individual who is clinically depressed may even have thoughts that life is not worth living.  Of course, help should be sought immediately if this is ever the case.

Symptoms Of Clinical Depression

Some of the symptoms of depression are loss of interest in life activities, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, loss of energy, sleep disturbances, and changes in weight or eating patterns.  This is not an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of how depression can influence every aspect of an individual’s life.  The loss of interest in life itself is a clear sign that something is not right.

You should leave it to a qualified professional to determine if an individual truly has clinical depression, but by paying attention to these warning signs you will be able to determine if the situation appears to warrant testing for it.

Many people use the word depression to describe basic feelings of sadness.  This is not true depression.  Clinical depression is a much more serious condition.  Feeling sad in response to basic stressors and life events where the feelings of sadness resolve themselves quickly is different from true depression.  The clinical form of the disorder typically requires professional intervention and merits the seriousness that such a diagnosis entails.

Learn how I beat Depression

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