Acne Leads to Depression in Teenagers

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It has been confirmed by a new review that just like teenagers have always known, there is a correlation between the acne on their faces and the onslaught of depression behind their eyes. Also low self esteem occurs in many cases where teenagers suffer from the skin disorder.

The review took into account the findings of 16 different studies to come up with the findings, and whilst the review claims that it has not concluded outright that acne causes emotional problems of this nature, it does point that way.

Review author Dr Steven R. Feldman has spoken about the review, the professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine has outlined his belief that; acne is definitely worth treating and not only because of the permanent scarring that the condition can leave behind. The review was launched at a time according to the doctor when a growing interest in the links between skin conditions and emotional disorders was emerging. He also spoke of how psoriasis sufferers are also more culpable to other ailments such as arthritis, heart disease and issues of a mental nature.

It has been known for a long time that acne has been a major problem for teenagers, conflicting with their self image and worse. Whilst it can also affect older persons it is predominantly an older person’s problem. The study that Doctor Feldman created looked into specifically the effects tat acne dictated on the quality of life of sufferers. Of the 16 studies which were used in the review many of these included not only young subjects but older ones too.

Overall the review which has been published in the Dermatology Online Journal makes the suggestion that acne can have a real negative affect on the quality of life of the young person, it can also affect mood and self esteem in adolescents according to the study, with one of the 16 studies used in the review detailing how 9% of teenagers with the skin disorder also demonstrated symptoms of depression.

This high rate is according to the review up to four times higher than that considered to be the norm. The findings really are quite inconclusive, with the study pointing out that there is a link, but surprisingly it also suggests that there is a tenuous link that points out that stress itself can cause skin disorders.

Therefore it is not outlandish to summate that depression may itself be one of the causes of acne, and vice versa in a circle of viciousness for the teenage sufferer.

With acne being largely treatable there is a ray of hope for teenagers suffering in their appearance and in their minds. Whilst accutaine (isotretinoin) has been blamed for the cause of depression in itself, it has demonstrated resounding results in clearing the condition in millions of teenagers. Despite the emergence of information detailing dangerous side effects it still remains the most popular and powerful drug out there for the treatment of the skin condition. Injections are also increasingly being used for treatment, and there is a host of over the counter creams and ointments available too.

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