A Second Opinion may be Needed for Depression Diagnosis

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Taking on a case study to provide example we will now demonstrate the reality of the need for a second opinion in this regard as was made evidential from new research conducted by Wake University Researchers.

Taking an individual who has struggled for decades with a form of depression that left him to the point of despondence more often than not, it had never occurred to this individual to get a second opinion.

He felt that he had ownership of his own body and his health. With regards to the body, and if there is a diagnosis which he wasn’t so sure of or didn’t like then yes for the body he would seek out a second opinion, for the mental health issue however there is a different reasoning.

It was only after many years, decades in fact of suffering through non functioning relationships, suicidal thoughts and the highs and lows of manic excess that a second diagnosis was achieved. His depression was now diagnosed as bipolar II mixed.

Our case study had slipped through the net, and had his symptoms misinterpreted as this for of bipolar disorder is very difficult to diagnose, with it the affected person is still capable of being very productive and high functioning. The mood swings that are inherent are, whilst uncontrollable, sometimes misinterpreted for happiness, when the manic high kicks in.

It has been determined by this research that almost 70% of the first diagnosis of bipolar disorders were wrong, which shows that second opinions in this area are very important. The main problem with misdiagnosis is that the medication used if wrong can be very damaging for the patient, the meds can make a depression deeper or make the manic highs and lows come quicker.

Our case study outlines how the individual would have been very unlikely to have sought out a second opinion off his own back. As a result the research finds that it is medical professionals themselves who should be seeking to get second opinions on their own prognosis in this area.

Learn how I beat Depression

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