80’s singer Adam Ant detained under mental health act

Learn how I beat Depression

Pop icon Adam Ant is back in hospital again after launching a tirade of abuse at Christians during a charity gig recently.

The 55 year old pop star suffers from the depressive illness known as Bipolar disorder or manic depression. Back in 2002 he threatened some people in a pub with an imitation pistol but wasn’t sent to prison on the grounds that he had a mental illness, then a year later in 2003 he had a dispute with a neighbour and threatened to smash his patio doors and was found lying naked in a basement.

Adam has also admitted himself into hospital on several occasions but it was only a few weeks ago that he declared he had learned to live with his bipolar. He’s only one of a long line of celebrities who also suffer from the mental illness and who have spoken openly about their suffering, including Stephen Fry, Kerry Katona and Sinead O’Connor, but there are literally countless other famous writers, artists, composers, musicians and entertainers in the past and present who have had to or who live with bipolar disorder.

The thing is, bipolar disorder doesn’t go away, and sufferers have to find coping strategies to help them deal with this distressing disorder on a day to day basis. The disorder is characterised by extreme highs and lows or massive mood swings that can result in an individual swinging from highly excited and euphoric to deeply depressed and miserable. Whilst on a high they feel invincible, that they can do anything but on a low they feel hopeless, helpless and lost. Bizarre behaviour and thoughts are common. No one knows what causes Bipolar and there isn’t a cure.

It is believed that bipolar affects roughly one in a hundred people in the general population, however, there are believed to be more than a few individuals with bipolar that go undiagnosed, particularly in the entertainment industry. It seems that many people with bipolar are also highly creative and are unwilling to trade this in by taking medication in order to put them on a more level plateau. What isn’t known is whether the creativity is what makes one more disposed to bipolar or whether the bipolar is what unleashes the creativity.

Meanwhile, Adam Ant has sent a message to his fans. ‘I am having a well earned rest at Her Majesty’s Pleasure and am painting and continuing being an art student. I have a great view and am considering gigs later in the year’ it said.

Learn how I beat Depression


  1. Lisa
    Posted June 13, 2010 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    I was born with Asperger’s Syndrome, which is High-Functioning Autism, and I was depressed my whole life, so I’m able to understand Adam Ant’s situation.

  2. Duane
    Posted September 4, 2010 at 11:26 pm | Permalink

    As a sufferer of Bipolar, I know how emotions can sway a persons actions. I am currently medicated, but at times it just takes over. I am one of the many in the trenches fighting the same battle.

    I wish Mr. Goddard nothing but the best!

  3. shelley mcclain
    Posted April 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

    I was laying on the couch. God whispered to my heart “pray for Adam Ant.” so I laughed, reminicing on my love for his music…yet knew I was called to prayer. So I researched up on him and saw that God was right, he needs prayer and no as a Christian Im not offended by his abuse against Christians, he just needs to find jesus for himself. But Im a fan and hope and pray he recovers soon!
    hugs and best wishes!

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